CPF Retirement Graph
Disclaimer: Please note that this calculator or projector is based on the author's interpretation of the mechanism on how the CPF works. It may not be accurate due to lack of some information, misinterpretation of information available to the author, or programming bugs. Use it at your own risk, the author will not be held liable for any loss or damage(s) resulting from the use of it.
The chart below projects a breakdown of your CPF balances over the years, and the withdrawal or payouts you can get throughout your life expectancy. You can adjust the parameters below the charts to customize it to your needs or situations.


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Current CPF Balances
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Retirement Sum
CPF Life


  • Retirement Account is first deducted from SA account before OA account (can't find relevant information).
  • Future Retirement Sum are not official from CPF Board, but are projected based on inflation rate selected as they are not released yet.
  • Basic Healthcare Sum assumed to grow at specified inflation rate.
  • Minimum Retirement Sum assumed to grow at specified inflation rate.
  • CPF Life Payout assumed to grow at specified inflation rate.
  • Interest Rates and Salary remained constant.
  • No withdrawals (e.g. usage or insurance premiums etc. from Medisave accounts) from the accounts.
  • CPF Life Payout based on current upper limit estimation, adjusted to inflation.

  • Included in Calculations

  • OA interest = 2.5%; SA interest = 4%; MA interest = 4%; RA interest = 4%
  • Additional 1% for first $60k in OA/SA. For OA, only applicable to the first 20k.
  • Additional 1% for first $30k in combined accounts after 55.
  • Overflow of MA account into SA/OA account.
  • Interest calculated monthly but credited annually (no compounding effect within a year).
  • Transfer Retirement Sum from OA/SA to RA account.
  • CPF Life Payout.

  • Feedback/Report Bugs

  • Please feel free to email me to provide feedbacks or report bugs.